Do hackers have access to your cards? Find out.

BillGuard sends you personalized data breach alerts
when a business you’ve shopped at has been breached.

Recent data breaches impacting cardholders

Credit card skimmer
April 3, 2014
Users Notified
Data Breach at California DMV
March 23, 2014
Users Notified
Data Breach at Michaels Stores
March 4, 2014
Users Notified

We’re in the midst of a data breach epidemic. The Target breach alone hit a third of American adults, and almost half of U.S. accounts have been compromised by recent breaches.

How does it work?

BillGuard keeps track of the most recent data breaches for you. If you have shopped at a merchant that was breached, BillGuard notifies you, by email and as a phone alert.

After alerting you to the breach, BillGuard will continue to monitor your cards daily and alert you to suspicious activity.